Table linens

  • Fer forgé
    Tablecloth, hand-applyed cord on sand linen
  • Forme et contre forme
    Tablecloth, hand-applyed form and counter form on two colors of linen
  • Palmette
    Tablecloth, hand embroidered plumetis on white linen
  • Bulles
    Tablecloth, multi-head embroidered scattered dots on linen
  • Graminées
    Tablecloth, needle embroidered grasses on linen
  • Campagnarde
    Tablecloth, white needle embroidery on beige linen
  • Trianon
    Mat, hand-hemstitch and hand embroidered plumetis
  • Why
    Mat, multi-head embroidery on linen
  • Porcelaine
    Mat, needle hand embroidery
  • Renaissance
    Mat, Point de Beauvais embroidery on linen
  • Découpes
    Mat, embroidered scallop on linen
  • Perles
    Mat, hand embroidery, plumetis on sand linen
  • Fleurs des prés
    Mat, needle painting embroidery and serigraphie on off-white linen

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